lectures and tastings for associations

We give many lectures about the theme: the eating of insects. After each lecture we try a couple of insects species and special insects snacks.

  • Lecture IVN Oirschot.
  • Tasting on a special day of DGK.
  • Lecture with tasting on a Rotary club.
  • Lecture for dietitians of Voednet in Bunnik.
  • Lecture and tasting for the associations of high educated woman in Alkmaar.
  • Lecture and tasting for 30 international students of AEGEE.
  • Lecture for dietitians in Amsterdam.
  • Tasting in a student room on the Stukafest festival in Nijmegen.
  • Lecture for students on the PaasCongres.
  • Lecture and tasting on the associations of students of the Wageingen Univeristy (SSR). 
  • Insect lecture and tasting for Woman of today of the province Overijssel.